Holiday High-Fives for the Neighbors

Once fall transitions to winter we often go for weeks – and sometimes months – without seeing or speaking to our neighbors. Everyone is hunkered down inside, or visiting relatives, or running errands or on playdates or preparing for the holidays or recovering from the holidays or at work.

But our communities (and that can be your block, your neighborhood, the floor of your apartment building) are so important. They give our kids a sense of a space in this big world that they are automatically – by virtue of the location of their home – a part of.

We may not be best friends with them, or even really know them, but just by the chance of their location our neighbors are a part of our lives. They are an emergency resource that we hope we never have to use. They loan us their lawnmower. They give us eggs when we get halfway through a recipe and find that our toddler has done *something* with the last egg and left the empty carton in the fridge.

So this holiday season take a few minutes with your children to create holiday “thank you neighbor” cards. Nothing fancy, no specific theme necessary, just a simple “We’re here if you need us/Just wanted to say hello/Thanks for helping us with…/We’re glad you’re our neighbor”.

Don’t go getting Pinterest anxiety about creating cute, scrapbook-worthy works of art. Let your littles design special crafty cards. Use 3 x 5 index cards and pass them around the neighborhood!

Bringing a smile to a neighbor’s face is like high-fiving the holidays with glitter hands!

Do you have a close neighborhood or community? How do you show your appreciation during the holidays?

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