Random Acts week 1

Leave a hidden note inside a library book

Does your child have a favorite book? Help them write a small note to tuck inside for the next reader to discover! Some ideas: “Have a great day!” or “You are a special person!” Talk about how they would feel if they found a happy note.
Even the smallest act of kindness can make a positive difference in someone’s day!

Random Acts drawing boy bus

Thank you notes - an easy way to brighten a day

The bus driver who gets our kids to school safely. The mail carrier. The barista who remembers your order. Often we thank them, but in a cursory way, with a casual “thanks”. Saying thank you validates a person’s contribution to your life and makes them feel appreciated. A personal note goes even farther as a tangible reminder of gratitude. A handwritten "thank you!" is all it takes!

RA holiday

Bring a smile to a neighbor's face!

Bringing a smile to a neighbor’s face is like high-fiving the holidays with glitter hands! Our communities (your block, your neighborhood, the floor of your apartment building) are so important, as they give our kids a sense of belonging to something bigger. Acknowledge your neighbors as a part of your world with a kid-made card or gift!

laughing boy

Make a…Smile Connection!

Take a walk in your neighborhood with your little ones with the goal of collecting as many smiles as you can by giving them out yourselves! A big smile of acknowledgment and and friendly “hello!” is a great way to teach your kids that even the smallest action can make people feel good!😄😃😀😁