Kids Who Help

Holiday High-Fives for the Neighbors

Once fall transitions to winter we often go for weeks – and sometimes months – without seeing or speaking to our neighbors. Everyone is hunkered down inside, or visiting relatives, or running errands or on playdates or preparing for the holidays or recovering from the holidays or at work. But our communities (and that can…

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Raising Kind Kids: Teach Them To Look Up!

Have you ever noticed someone in need of minor help? Maybe a young dad with his arms full has dropped his groceries, or an elderly person has her walker stuck in a doorway. How many people pass by before someone finally stops to help? Did you stop? As parents, we want to cultivate in our…

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3 Steps To Get Your Children Excited About Volunteering

Children can begin volunteering at any age. The earlier a volunteering lifestyle is introduced, the more likely children are to embrace it as a normal part of their everyday lives. The benefits of volunteering are numerous. Volunteering teaches children to see beyond the limits of their own daily routines. (Toddlers, for instance, have a tendency…

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